Let me make it clear about Category: Reviews

Let me make it clear about Category: Reviews

Mirage Guys by Mark Pilkington

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You should not ignore Mirage Men whether you are a full-on true-believer in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), wholly open-minded on what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle, a skeptic, or a rabid debunker. Needless to say, your views on which lies in the centre of this UFO sensation – and which of this above-categories you end up in – will play a big role in determining your reaction and response to Mark’s guide.

Those for who Ufology is just a modern-day faith, and something that gives a type of cosmic convenience, are going to be surprised, angered and maybe also disillusioned in what they read. Doubtless, too, you will have a diploma of hostility and outright denial on their component whenever confronted with the crumbling of certain much-cherished belief-systems, tips and (perhaps) specific instances which have become classics within Ufology.

Too bad. Ufology, together with individuals on it, desire a shake-up now and once again and Mirage Males most assuredly delivers. And then you’re lost already if you’re someone whose notions on what make a good or bad UFO book are based on whether or not that same book says what you want to hear.

When it comes to debunkers: well, on reading the guide, they could gain an understanding that the matter they confidently dismiss – specifically that ET actually has checked out us, and has now crashed and burned – is not quite as clear-cut and black-and-white because they formerly thought.

Then Mirage Men will well and truly satisfy if, like me, however, you realize that something strange really is going on in our skies – but that it appears to be a blurry mix of classified military projects, official and unofficial chicanery, mind-games, lies and distortions, shadowy figures weaving complex tales, and perhaps, maybe, even a very real ET presence. Continue reading “Let me make it clear about Category: Reviews”